Goals and Benefits


There are many ways to make a gift to witf. Take a look at some of the options designed to help you to achieve different goals, and feel free to contact us with questions.

Your Goal

Your Strategy


Your Benefits

You want to make a gift for witf’s future that costs you nothing now.


You include a gift from your will or trust to witf.  This can be cash, specific property, or a share of your estate.


You provide resources that help witf build financial strength and carry out our mission.

You want to avoid capital gains liability and get an income tax deduction.


You can use appreciated securities instead of cash to make a gift to witf.


In some circumstances, giving appreciated stock can be more beneficial than giving cash and you won't pay capital gains tax on the transfer

You want to contribute to witf and leave more of your estate to your heirs.


You name witf as beneficiary of your retirement plan, and leave your assets to your family at a lower tax level.


You can avoid potential double taxation by eliminating income tax on retirement plan savings, and free up other property to pass to your heirs.

You want to continue to receive benefits back from the assets you give to witf.


You create a life-income plan like a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder annuity trust or charitable remainder unitrust.


You'll recieve income for your lifetime, receive a charitable deduction, and diversify your holdings.

You want to reduce high tax liability now and gain additional income later.


You establish a deferred gift annuity.


Your deferral of payments permits a higher annuity rate, generates a larger charitable deduction, increases your ability to make a significant gift to witf.

You're trying to create a long-term gift that won't draw funds from your estate.


You create a new life insurance policy, or donate a paid-up policy of coverage you no longer need ti witf.


This increases your ability to make a significant gift to witf.

You want to reduce the level of gift and estate taxes and leave more of your assets to your heirs.


You create a charitable lead trust to pay income to witf for a fixed time, then pay the remainder to your heirs.


This reduces the gift and estate taxes and freezes the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family.

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